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Private Tuition at Expert Tutorials

Expert Tutorials is based at Macclesfield Tutorial College and makes use of its experienced teachers who are often teaching the chosen subject to full and part-time students. They provide private tuition to those pupils and students at other schools and colleges who feel they can benefit from extra experienced guidance.

Expert Tutorials has built its reputation on high-quality individual private tuition for Primary, SATs, GCSE and A Levels. All students are individually  taught on a one-to-one basis with one of our experts. The expert is either a subject expert or a specialist teacher for a particular age range.


Expert Tutorials has been providing private tuition for 23 years and has given each student the benefit of tailor-made instruction. Students come to Expert Tutorials for after-school private tuition at our centre: Macclesfield Tutorial College or we can provide private tuition in your own home. In both cases students receive support and teaching from a specialist enabling them to reach their full academic potential.

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Students attending at all levels will learn good study habits, and will have the support of subject tutors who will provide encouragement at every stage of the learning process. We have experience of preparing students of all ages for their GCSEs, A Levels and examination entry and we also provide Easter revision courses and short courses for external candidates.

Expert Tutorials provides private tuition in an ideal environment for students to develop their understanding of a subject with a specialist and improve their grades.